UK Pre-Season Air Display Conference 2014 - Image © Paul Johnson

UK Pre-Season Air Display Conference 2014 – Image © Paul Johnson

The British Air Display Association contains a number of working groups. These focus on various aspects facing the Association and the wider airshow industry. BADA Members can keep upto date with the latest updates from the various Working Groups from the Working Group Updates page in the Members Area.


Members: John Davis (coordinator), Rod Dean, David Walton & John Turner (who will stand down having taken on the Chairman role)

Role: Organising Pre- and Post-Season Conferences/Symposia and other training options so the UK air show community has the knowledge necessary to operate to the highest standards

Civil Aviation Authority Devolvement

Members: John Turner (coordinator), John Davis, Rod Dean and Geoff Brindle

Role: Investigating with DfT and CAA the agency’s intent to relinquish air show regulation (within the scope of CAP403) to a self-administering body so that BADA members are not disadvantaged by any future arrangements.

Confidential Reporting

Members: David Walton, Roger Beazley

Role: Investigating the options for an air display-specific confidential reporting system so that the industry can understand the threats to safety and develop the necessary defences.

UK Air Display Industry Review

Members: Ben Harding (coordinator), Gary Elson

Role: Conducting a detailed review of the strengths and longer-term sustainability of the UK air display industry, identifying areas where we are vulnerable or weak and collating attendance figures (to confirm or revise the 2003 data that showed air-shows are the 2nd most popular outdoor spectator activity).

Centralised Generic Information

Members: Barry Neal (coordinator)

Role: To establish a means whereby in the ideal world BADA display pilots could submit (and update as necessary) their details once to a central repository from which BADA organisers/FDDs could extract those details, without all chasing reams of different document sets. (Organisers/FDDs might also upload event information once to the same repository from which display pilots could extract the necessary details.

Air Operator Training

Members: TBA

Aim: Developing A/G operator skills appropriate to Air Displays, Special Events & large Fly-Ins.


Members: Barry Neal

Role: To seek further harmonisation of UK military and civil air display regulations while also increasing the simplification of their presentation so that the UK industry works to standards that are as common and as simple to understand as possible.

Public Relations (PR)

Members: George Bacon (coordinator), David Walton

Role: Ensuring the work of BADA is suitably publicised.

BADA Online Presence

Role: To ensure the BADA website and other on-line media provide real benefit to the association members in terms of currency, availability and accuracy of information while also providing a medium for attracting new members and informing the general public.