Date(s) - 23/03/2017
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Defence Academy, Shrivenham


The 2017 UK Pre-Season Air Display Conference will take place on Thursday 23rd March at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

The primary aim of the Pre-Season Air Display Comference is to promote air safety related advice, training and guidance within the air display environment. It is co-hosted by the MAA and the British Air Display Association (BADA) and supported by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

2017 Agenda (as of 27/02/2017)

Draft Programme
08:30 - 09:15Registration
109:15 - 09:30BADA – opening remarks & “The Future of Air Show Events”

What are the aims of the Symposium:

  • Understand the changes for 2017

  • Identify sources of information & points of contact

  • Identify interdependencies, linkages and reliance each other (EOs, FDDS, Pilots)

  • Identify potential areas of risk/concern (and possible mitigation)

BADA Chairman - John Turner
209:30 - 10:55CAA/MAA – regulatory update

Topics to be covered will be of interest to all (Pilots, FDDs & EOs):

  • FDD accreditation

  • Airshow Tier System

  • Wider changes to the regulation (CAP 403 and RA2335)
    Assurance (2nd Party for the Mil – 3rd Party (CAA/MAA)

  • Risk Management (relationship between the EO, FDD & Pilot (& ODH within Mil sphere)

  • Applications, Submissions, Waivers & Exemptions

  • CAA to consider Part SPO update TBC?

  • Reporting culture – we can all do better
10:55 - 11:25Coffee
311:25 - 11:45Policing at Airshows

  • Preparation and planning – lessons identified?

  • Execution

  • What happens when it goes wrong/contingency?
National Chief Constables Committee Representative
411:45 - 12:00Military Events Committees

  • Explaining the processes

  • Access to data

  • Coherence across the 3 Events Committees

  • Interaction of the Events Committees and Display participants

  • Alleviate some of the issues encountered this year

  • Clarify the charging regimes

  • Insurance

Military Events Committee
512:00 - 12:30Legal & Insurance

Panel Question and Answer Session:

  • Liability

  • Accountability

  • Associated insurance requirements:- Weather, Venue, Display participant

  • Wg Cdr Tim Billingham – MAA

  • CAA Legal advisor

  • BADA Legal advisor - Mr Tim Scorer

  • BADA Insurance SME - Mr Nigel Foster

  • 12:30 - 13:20Lunch
    613:20 - 14:00Event Organisers – Perspectives and Requirements

    This is a golden opportunity for EOs to engage with the rest of the Airshow community:

    • What lessons did EOs learn last year – what will change this year?

    • What information do they need?

    • Where can they get that information?

    • What are EOs key risks – how do they mitigate these risks?

    • Accommodation, transport and logistics?

    • Human Factors considerations?

    • Open Forum and Q/A?
    Event Organiser TBC
    714:00 - 14:40FDDs & FCCs – Perspectives and Requirements

    What do FDDs & FCCs need this season:

    • What have they learned on the FDD Course?

    • How is this year going to be different?

    • What information do they require from the regulators, EOs,
      pilots and event committees?

    • FDD relationship with EOs?

    • How can we help them to help us?

    • How are they going to manage risk?

    • What are their key lessons from this year and how are they going to fix them?

    • Stop & warning calls and contingency planning?

    • FCC Roles & Responsibilities (integration with FDD and participants)

    • Human Factors considerations? (Inc. normalised deviance)
  • Dave Walton

  • Miltary FDD (TBC)
  • 14:40 - 15:10Tea
    815:10 - 15:50Participants – Perspectives and Requirements

    What do the pilots need from EOs, FDDs, Regulators and Events Committees?

    • What lessons did they learn last year?

    • How will they implement changes this year?

    • What information do they require and by when?

    • What does “best practice” look like for briefing material?

    • What do they need to see in risk assessments?

    • How do they deal with stop calls?

    • How can they help EOs and FDDs – access to data?

    • Human Factors considerations?

    Military pilot (TBC)
    Civilian pilot (TBC)
    915:50 - 16:10Wrap-upBADA/CAA/MAA

    PLEASE NOTE: The Defence Academy operates a “No Photo ID, No Entry” Policy at all times. Please ensure you bring a suitable form of Photo ID (ie. Passport or Driving Licence) with you.



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