At our AGM held at IWM Duxford on Saturday 23rd April, we were delighted to present our annual awards to some very deserving individuals from the air display industry.

The BADA Trophy

Awarded to the Tiger Club and Pete Kynsey

Ever since it was founded in 1957, the Tiger Club has introduced countless famous pilots to the world of display flying, including some of the most prominent members of the warbird and aerobatic communities. Through the encouragement of recent ‘new blood’ such as numerous members of the Turbulent Team and CAP 10 pilot Christophe Simon, this is a tradition that the club continues right up to the present day, and there will surely be many more to come.

Particular praise has rightly been lavished on Pete Kynsey as DAE. Richard Merideth must also be singled out – selflessly and to his immense credit Richard accompanied Christophe for the then TDA’s first ever display, taking an entire day out to ensure that a friendly reassuring face was on hand; a thoughtful act of kindness which demonstrates the very best of our community.

The Miss Deameanour Trophy

Awarded to Iain Campbell

Following on from many years of invaluable coverage of UK and overseas air displays on video and DVD, and in conjunction with its keen assistance to the industry as a whole, Planes TV has done a huge amount since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to promote and serve the entire community at a time when there has been less actual display activity going on through the staging of live online events, not least its filming of the two Virtual Air Tattoos.

Such activities have occurred when revenue has naturally been much decreased, making this a perfect example of ‘going the extra mile’.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

John Davis

A Retired Wing Commander, Diplomat and genial gentleman, who first qualified on the Meteor in 1954, becoming subsequently a Test Pilot whose life has had Air Displays engrained within his DNA. One of the UK Air Display Associations ‘Founding Fathers’, initially as a member of the ADOP, before then establishing the ADAE as its Chairman and, the very first FDD ‘accreditation’ courses and European Air Display Regulations. He joined Barry Tempest at the CAA Display Branch in 1988 developing CAP 403 but, most importantly, also wrote CAP 632 which effectively gave Warbird operators a template for continued Display flying under CAA Regulation. A lifelong Tier 3 FDD who helped grow major events at Middle Wallop, Abingdon and Malta but, who also acted as friend and mentor to many newcomers up until his recent retirement having then also served 9 years on the BADA Committee.

Audrey Huelin

Following the announcement that AHA Events will cease trading and the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day will not be held this year, the moment is right to honour Audrey’s work for more than 2 decades providing her Event Management expertise to one of the UK’s largest airfield events. In the last decade, the team at AHA Events, lead by Audrey have grown the Air Day to a premier engagement opportunity for the Royal Navy and UK PLC and their contribution to the UK airshow industry should be recognised.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith may be the longest-standing purely civilian display pilot in the history of British airshows, having carried out his first display as part of the Tiger Club Turbulent Team in 1971, and been continually active ever since. His outstanding warbird demonstrations — undertaken for all the major Duxford-based operators of historic fighters, and others besides — have contributed a huge amount to the circuit since he began displaying such types for the Old Flying Machine Company back in 1986, not least through planning and leading some of the most spectacular and poignant massed Spitfire formations ever seen on prominent commemorative occasions.

A full listing of past award winners can be found HERE