BADA offers the resources on this page as a service to assist the introduction of people who believe themselves compliant with the terms of CAP 403 to fulfil the role of a Flying Control Committee Member to Flying Display Directors in need of their expertise. This FCC list has been provided by BADA in order to assist the Air Displays community. Its simple aim is to share provide an introductory resource which allows FDD’s to potentially find FCC members. Please read and understand the terms clearly stated on this page before proceeding to provide or use the information given.

CAP 403

CAP 403, Edition 18 of February 2021 states: “The FCC is appointed by the FDD and should, whenever possible, consist of a core of pilots with experience on the categories of aircraft being flown at the Flying Display. The FCC may be supplemented by other suitably experienced persons. Additionally, some members of the FCC should hold, or have held, a UK DA or UK PDA.”

Joining the Directory as an FCC candidate

Below you will find a simple webform. It is our clear intention to publicly disseminate the information, including contact details, which you offer below.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you give is entirely truthful and that you are able to provide evidence to substantiate the submission, if asked by an FDD looking to include you on a Committee. BADA will automatically reproduce the contents of your submission on the list which appears at the bottom of this page. We will not edit the submission in any way shape or form. Please proof read it first. BADA accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or otherwise that results from the public dissemination of the information you provide. You may also wish to consider creation of a new email address using a service such as Gmail which is not linked to any other accounts or services.

If you are unsure that you qualify under the terms of CAP 403 please do not proceed. Seek guidance from the CAA first. By completing the form you confirm that you believe yourself to be compliant and agree to the contents of this page along with our more general terms and conditions.

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Using the Directory

Flying Display Directors alone are responsible for the nomination of Flying Control Committee Members, compliant with CAP 403, to be part of their Display. The contents of the list below are unedited and unverified submissions made by the individuals offering themselves as candidates. BADA has NOT verified, edited or necessarily reviewed the information given.  BADA makes no representation at all about the reliability of the information, the individuals performance if retained or indeed whether they will show up at the allotted place and time. No liability is accepted for any loss or issue arising from any failure of the Candidate. BADA offers the list solely as an introduction from which the FDD must satisfy themselves in every respect before taking any reliance on the candidate, if at all.

Charles Skiera
FCC Experience:- I am an accredited Tier 3 FDD for both civil and military displays with a number of displays over the last 20+ years completed as both an FCC member and in FDD roles. These include large scale military and civil events in various settings, to smaller single item displays. More recently I have been involved with international trade shows.
FCC Contact Email:-
Mike Stanway
FCC Experience:- FCC Experience:- Current Tier 3 Civ/Mil FDD & Mentor. Chairman of FCC Jersey. Previous Chairman FCC Cosford (now FDD). Experience of various Role Demo formations on Tornado 1986 - 1996. Located in Cheltenham.
FCC Contact Email:-
John Turner
FCC Experience:- Current FDD Tier 3. Previous ATPL (BAe146/RJ, ATP, MEP), PPL(A) with DA (MEP & SEP) and PPL(G) Display flying experience in a variety types including Typhoon, Hawk (UK & Australia), Avro C19, Piston Provost, Chipmunk, Avro Tutor, Cirrus Moth, Bristol Fighter with broad flying experience including single & twin engine jet fighters and trainers, 4-jet and twin-turboprop airliners, helicopters, twin- & single-engined piston light aircraft and gyrocopter. Flying supervision experience as RAF flight and squadron commander, civilian Chief Test Pilot and Flight Operations Director, FDD (Farnborough and Bahrain) and as FCC member (Clacton, East Fortune, Farnborough, Gloucester, Samlesbury, Southend, Southport, Warton, Woodford.
FCC Contact Email:-
Sander van der Hall
FCC Contact Email:-
Barney Wainwright
FCC Experience:- I have been flying for 45 years as private pilot, military helicopter pilot and airline pilot, and displayed both SeaKing and Lynx helicopters. I have been an FDD since 2010 and run displays at 16 different locations. These range from single Spitfire events to Tier 3 airshows, and have included 8 Armed Forces Day National Events.
FCC Contact Email:-

Rights Reserved

BADA retains the right to remove any individual from this list at any time without notice. In the event that an FDD experiences issues with the performance or truthfulness of any individual on this list then they are asked to email in the first instance.