On the 8th of December, FIA Connect will be hosting a unique event focused on sustainability in aviation, featuring thought-provoking content from some of the world’s most insightful pioneers. A webinar titled “What’s the cost of delivering net zero emissions and who pays?”, is set to begin the debate about some of the most pressing issues that were featured at COP26.

The session will provide the viewers with an opportunity to engage with the speakers to ask them questions them your questions or suggest ideas on how you believe the industry should move towards achieving net zero emissions.

This webinar will act as an opener to Farnborough International’s brand-new sustainable aviation event, Sustainable Skies World Summit (SSWS), launching in January 2022. Created in partnership with Sustainable Aviation UK, International Airlines Group, ADS and British Aviation Group, the summit will continue the discussion and challenge the industry to accelerate the development of solutions aimed towards a cleaner and smarter future of aviation.

International organisations, industry experts, and government representatives from around the globe will come together to address and debate the critical topics around net zero aviation to find solutions that are critical to be implemented within the next decade.

To find out more about the Sustainable Skies World Summit and why you should attend, watch our interview with Jonathon Counsell, Group Head of Sustainability at International Airlines Group (IAG) and Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International as they discuss the importance of this event for industry.

As well as providing a chance to participate in shaping the sustainable future of the industry, SSWS is set to deliver unique and valuable networking and business development opportunities for your business. Follow the link below to book your pass now!