The Sustainable Events Show, a first of it’s kind landmark exhibition for event organisers that will need to totally adjust their current approach to events and the suppliers they use after the upcoming COP26 in Scotland.

A carbon-neutral event that confronts events sustainability. Promising a fully immersive experience with exhibitor rooms split across three zones (event tech, event services, and event venues), each linked by an IKEA-style floorplan that allows you to efficiently source up to 60 creative event suppliers in a manner that leaves your legs less exhausted and your mind energised.

​​​​​​​The seminars theatre programme features leading industry experts delivering insight, guidance and empowering advice to enable you to produce a sustainable event – co-produced by Isla​​​​​​​, the industry’s leading advisory body on sustainability – so you’ll leave feeling like a Marvel Avenger…your brains detangled, re-energised! Ready to take on the world!