From CAA:

“8.33 kHz funding  – Our EU finding (funding?) has not yet been extended; we will probably not know until at least the end of January 2018 whether we are successful, so for now, presume it closes on 31Dec17.

– The EU have clarified the situation regarding submission dates, and All claims MUST be sent to the CAA before end of December 2017 in order to stake their place in the queue.  Even if they are not “submitted” by ourselves in to the system (i.e. they only receive their unique “E” reference from us on submission), the claimant must have initiated the claim process before the deadline.

The CAA are closed from Friday 22Dec17 until 02Jan18.  If a claimant does not have all the information they require and unable to contact us and they may feel unable to submit their form, then they should put either “tba” or a “1” in any mandatory field to allow the form to be sent.  We will then seek clarification of that information when we process the form.

Hope the above makes sense.  The 8.33 kHz radio page on our website has the form and details on it.