R5 Air Displays has been at the leading edge of the UK air display scene since the early 2000s. with events being managed throughout the UK and, more recently, overseas. Up until now Mike Wood has been the Principal importing a raft of expertise to support the ever growing number of prestigious events. In addition to supporting ‘normal’ air displays R5, working closely with the CAA, have been at the forefront of innovation producing such items as the ‘Falling Stars’ which are popular at music festivals.

December marks a turning point for R5 Air Displays Ltd with Mike (now well north of 70!) standing down and 2 new directors picking up the reins. Mike will remain in touch as a consultant to R5, with Roger Steele and Charles Skiera appointed as directors to take the company forward. Both are experienced and respected FDDs in their own right and have worked together before on the acclaimed RAF Waddington International Airshow. Collectively the ‘new’ R5 now have an impressive portfolio of displays and is able to call on a large pool of expertise to support future events. Mike recognises the benefits of engaging Roger (a Tier 3 FDD) and Charles (Tier 2) to move the brand forward and is really pleased to hand over the reins to 2 very capable and respected individuals.

Although R5 will grow it’s core value of producing safe, bespoke air displays whilst giving best value for money will remain. Organisers can be confident of a seamless transfer to the new management team. A key strategy will be to offer newly qualified display pilots the opportunity to express their new founds skills. R5 will also provide on the job training for potential FCC members and offer newly qualified FDDs small events to manage. Charles has added that is a great privilege to be invited to take over the R5 mantle and he is excited about the prospect of working with Roger again.