The Military Aviation Authority has today issued NPA17/03 which details proposed amendments to RA2335 – Flying Displays and Flypasts. MAA issuing of an NPA allows a consultation period to be undertaken on a proposed amendment or the implementation of new regulation. Please click here to download NPA17/03 and the draft of RA2335.

The summary of the changes reads as follows:-

The revised RA has been substantially re-written, but in the main this is to change the layout and improve definitions such that the RA is easier to decipher. In addition, the MAA and CAA have continued to work closely together, such that RA 2335 and its CAA equivalent (CAP 403) are as closely aligned as possible, particularly in the terminology. This was an area of significant feedback from the display community at the last symposium, and the alignment should make it easier for those required to be conversant with both sets of regulations.

 However, the CAA are not yet in a position to publish their revised CAP 403, and indeed the final AAIB Report into the Hunter crash at Shoreham in 2015 may also impact on their ability to release their amendments in the next few weeks. As such, the Regulated Community are requested to note that a key decision regarding Display Flying over non-MOD Occupied Property is outstanding; feedback on that issue in particular is welcomed to help inform the decision making process.

 Any significant changes to the Regulation from this version will be highlighted on the Notice of Approved Amendment cover sheet which will be issued with the Regulation.

The Regulated Community are invited to offer feedback (where applicable) on the impact of the proposed change to publications covered under this NPA on the operation of your business, including:

  • Timescale for implementation.
  • Cost of implementation.
  • Amendment to contract.
  • Amendment to internal processes/orders.
  • Resourcing the outcome of change.

The format for feedback is illustrated at Annex A and can be downloaded here.