The agenda for the Pre-Season Air Display Conference due to be held on 23rd March at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham has been updated and can be seen below. To register for the event, please click here.


Draft Programme
08:30 - 09:15Registration
109:15 - 09:30BADA – opening remarks & “The Future of Air Show Events”

What are the aims of the Symposium:

  • Understand the changes for 2017

  • Identify sources of information & points of contact

  • Identify interdependencies, linkages and reliance each other (EOs, FDDS, Pilots)

  • Identify potential areas of risk/concern (and possible mitigation)

BADA Chairman - John Turner
209:30 - 10:55CAA/MAA – regulatory update

Topics to be covered will be of interest to all (Pilots, FDDs & EOs):

  • FDD accreditation

  • Airshow Tier System

  • Wider changes to the regulation (CAP 403 and RA2335)
    Assurance (2nd Party for the Mil – 3rd Party (CAA/MAA)

  • Risk Management (relationship between the EO, FDD & Pilot (& ODH within Mil sphere)

  • Applications, Submissions, Waivers & Exemptions

  • CAA to consider Part SPO update TBC?

  • Reporting culture – we can all do better
10:55 - 11:25Coffee
311:25 - 11:45Policing at Airshows

  • Preparation and planning – lessons identified?

  • Execution

  • What happens when it goes wrong/contingency?
National Chief Constables Committee Representative
411:45 - 12:00Military Events Committees

  • Explaining the processes

  • Access to data

  • Coherence across the 3 Events Committees

  • Interaction of the Events Committees and Display participants

  • Alleviate some of the issues encountered this year

  • Clarify the charging regimes

  • Insurance

Military Events Committee
512:00 - 12:30Legal & Insurance

Panel Question and Answer Session:

  • Liability

  • Accountability

  • Associated insurance requirements:- Weather, Venue, Display participant

  • Wg Cdr Tim Billingham – MAA

  • CAA Legal advisor

  • BADA Legal advisor - Mr Tim Scorer

  • BADA Insurance SME - Mr Nigel Foster

  • 12:30 - 13:20Lunch
    613:20 - 14:00Event Organisers – Perspectives and Requirements

    This is a golden opportunity for EOs to engage with the rest of the Airshow community:

    • What lessons did EOs learn last year – what will change this year?

    • What information do they need?

    • Where can they get that information?

    • What are EOs key risks – how do they mitigate these risks?

    • Accommodation, transport and logistics?

    • Human Factors considerations?

    • Open Forum and Q/A?
    Event Organiser TBC
    714:00 - 14:40FDDs & FCCs – Perspectives and Requirements

    What do FDDs & FCCs need this season:

    • What have they learned on the FDD Course?

    • How is this year going to be different?

    • What information do they require from the regulators, EOs,
      pilots and event committees?

    • FDD relationship with EOs?

    • How can we help them to help us?

    • How are they going to manage risk?

    • What are their key lessons from this year and how are they going to fix them?

    • Stop & warning calls and contingency planning?

    • FCC Roles & Responsibilities (integration with FDD and participants)

    • Human Factors considerations? (Inc. normalised deviance)
  • Dave Walton

  • Miltary FDD (TBC)
  • 14:40 - 15:10Tea
    815:10 - 15:50Participants – Perspectives and Requirements

    What do the pilots need from EOs, FDDs, Regulators and Events Committees?

    • What lessons did they learn last year?

    • How will they implement changes this year?

    • What information do they require and by when?

    • What does “best practice” look like for briefing material?

    • What do they need to see in risk assessments?

    • How do they deal with stop calls?

    • How can they help EOs and FDDs – access to data?

    • Human Factors considerations?

    Military pilot (TBC)
    Civilian pilot (TBC)
    915:50 - 16:10Wrap-upBADA/CAA/MAA