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UK Government

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation – promotes the objective – as set out by British Government – of making the United Kingdom the best country in the world for General Aviation, and to stimulate interest in the sector. Our goal is to ensure that General Aviation inspires both current and future generations to take up science, technology, engineering and mathematics, thereby creating high-tech jobs and growth in all nations and regions of our economy. In order to achieve this objective, the All-Party Parliamentary Group believes that a network of General Aviation airfields must be protected and enhanced by the government.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Events – The APPG for Events was established in 2011 to be the voice of the events industry in Westminster, highlighting its value and ensuring that the UK remains a leading destination for international events. The APPG conducts Parliamentary enquiries, holds debates and engages with various Ministers and departments, and has been credited with the events industry establishing far stronger links with both Parliament and Government in recent years. 

Events Industry Organisations

Events Industry ForumEvents Industry Forum – The Events Industry Forum provides an informal organisation that brings together event industry trade associations and similar bodies to discuss issues of common interest. The Forum usually meets twice a year. Other than an elected Chairman and Secretary, the organisation has no formal structure or role, although from time-to-time it may act to represent its member bodies in respect of issues where there is a unilateral and common interest.

The National Outdoor Events Association – The association is dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the outdoor events industry through education, networking, lobbying, advice and creating business opportunities. The NOEA membership is comprised of event suppliers, event production professionals, event and festival organisers, entertainment agencies, local authority events departments, venues, universities and freelancers.


Regulatory Bodies
Military Aviation Authority (MAA) – Enhance the delivery of operational capability through continual improvement in military Air Safety, appropriate culture, regulation and practice.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which is a public corporation, was established by Parliament in 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator and provider of air traffic services. The UK Government requires that the CAA’s costs are met entirely from its charges on those whom it regulates. Unlike many other countries, there is no direct Government funding of the CAA’s work.

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) – The Agency promotes the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation in Europe and worldwide. It is the centrepiece of a new regulatory system which provides for a single European market in the aviation industry.

UK Aviation Organisations


Historic Aircraft AssociationThe Historic Aircraft Association (HAA) was founded in 1979 with the aim of furthering the safe flying of historic aircraft in the UK and, later on, supporting the restoration and preservation of these aircraft.

Royal Aero ClubThe Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom (RAeC) is the national co-ordinating body for Air Sport in the United Kingdom.

British Gliding Association – The British Gliding Association was established in 1929. It is the governing body for the sport of gliding in the United Kingdom. The BGA exists to represent and further the interests of a minority sport in an increasingly competitive environment. Our mission statement is “to provide effective leadership and continuity of gliding and soaring in the U.K.”

The Air LeagueThe Mission of the Air League is to generate national understanding of the importance to the UK of aviation and aerospace, and to excite the interest of young people in these areas by helping them to become involved.

Vintage Aircraft ClubThe Vintage Aircraft Club aims to keep old aircraft in the air through a variety of flying and social events throughout the year.

The Honourable Company of Air PilotsThe Company was established as a Guild in 1929 in order to ensure that pilots and navigators of the (then) fledgling aviation industry were accepted and regarded as professionals. From the beginning, the Guild was modelled on the lines of the Livery Companies of the City of London, which were originally established to protect the interests and standards of those involved in their respective trades or professions. In 1956, the Guild was formally recognised as a Livery Company. In 2014, it was granted a Royal Charter in the name of The Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

UK Military
Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the “Red Arrows” – Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows, is the public face of the Royal Air Force. The team are renowned throughout the world, acting as ambassadors of Great Britain. They promote the professional excellence of the Royal Air Force, assist in recruiting into the Royal Air Force, contribute to Defence Diplomacy when displaying overseas and support wider British interests through the promotion of British industry by demonstrating the capabilities of its equipment and expertise.

Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Today the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a household name and a national institution but the modern BBMF was created from humble beginnings and though it paid the same mark of respect it did so under tight constraint. It has gone from being a loose collection of ‘obsolete types’ tucked away in the corner of various hangars, to a dedicated unit with its own headquarters, entrusted with caring for priceless assets of British aviation heritage.

RAF Falcons Parachute Display TeamThe Falcons are a unique Team, and we’re proud to be widely recognised as the UK’s premier military Parachute Display Team. As this years season approaches, we’re looking forward to performing our unique, colourful and courageous aerial display at events worldwide, starting in May and continuing right through to October.

RAF Chinook Display TeamThe Chinook Display Team is made up of personnel from both 18(B) and 27 Squadrons, and is supported by a team of engineers from 18/27 Engineering Squadron, all based at RAF Odiham

RAF Typhoon Display Team – The team, from 29(R) Squadron, comprises a specialist from every aircraft trade along with support and management teams to assist both the pilot and the trades, all of whom work closely together to bring you the dazzling spectacle that is the Typhoon Display.

UK Accreditation Courses

UK Flying Display Director Accreditation Course – The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) have developed a joint Flying Display Director (FDD) Accreditation Course for both civilian and military Flying Displays. To obtain FDD Accreditation, applicants are required to demonstrate their experience in a number of competences and attend an FDD Accreditation Course

Worldwide Air Display Organisations



European Airshow CouncilThe European Airshow Council consists of a group of like-minded people that meet each other annually and understand that everyone involved in Airshows should be striving to achieve standards of excellence in their activities.

L’association France Spectacle Aérien – In recent years, a group of players from the world of airshows, regularly confronted in more than three decades with the various issues related to the organization of shows featuring in-flight presentations, was thinking about the possibility of creating an air show structure. exchanges and consultation around air events. 

Under the impetus and with the support of the DGAC, this group took, at the end of October 2013, the decision to create a national structure in associative form that takes the name of France Spectacle Aérien (FSA).

The International Council of Air ShowsThe International Council of Air Shows is a 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit trade association composed of professionals working in the air show community. Approximately 40 percent of the organization’s members are air show event organizers from the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. Another 40 percent of the organization’s members are individuals or organizations that perform at air shows. And the remaining 20 percent are support service providers who offer ancillary services (concessions, insurance, photography, etc.) to the air show community.