The British Air Display Association is open to anyone who is involved in the staging of an air display, airshow or are involved in a support organisation or agency. All members should agree to abide by the BADA Code of Conduct and membership applications will be approved by the Association Secretary.

Membership Types

There are two types of membership which may be applied for, individual or corporate. Both have the same benefits and annual membership fee. The purpose of the corporate membership is to enable an organisation to join and be represented by one or more nominated employees and of course it is the organisation that pays for the membership rather than the individual.

Membership Benefits

Irrespective of the membership type the following benefits apply:

  • Access to the members only area of the website which includes:
    • Useful documents area
    • DATUM – The BADA Magazine
    • AGM Minutes
    • BADA Committee Minutes
    • Archived Symposium and Conference Presentations
    • Private Members Facebook Group
  • Invitation to attend all BADA meetings
  • Eligibility to vote for committee members

Membership Fees

(The Annual Membership period runs from 1st June until 31st May the next year – payment is collected via a direct debit mandate/credit card payment)
  • Individual membership – £30.00
  • Corporate membership – £60.00

Membership Applications

BADA Membership is open to all involved with the staging of UK Airshows. Membership benefits include invitations to our symposia/conferences/meetings; access to a dedicated Members Section on the website which includes useful documents and on-line Members’ listings; BADA Newsletters; AGM Minutes; and eligibility to vote for committee members. All members have to agree to abide by the BADA Code of Conduct.

1. Membership Types – there are 2 types of membership which may be applied for, individual or corporate; both have the same benefits. The purpose of the corporate membership is to enable an organisation to join and be represented by one or more nominated employees and of course it is the organisation that pays for the membership rather than the individual. Individual membership and Corporate membership applications from display teams will be processed by the Association Membership Secretary, and other Corporate membership applications will be considered by the BADA Committee.

2. Election to Membership

  1. Membership shall be granted following application using the application form below and receipt of the appropriate subscription. Both Individual and Corporate Member applications shall be counter-signed by another BADA Member who, in the case of Corporate applications, may not be another member of the organisation applying for Corporate membership.
  2. Membership Renewal – subject to 3 & 4c below, membership shall normally be automatically renewed annually on receipt of the appropriate subscription.
  3. Committee’s Discretion – initial and renewal of membership shall be at the absolute discretion of the Committee, shall be final, and membership may be refused.
  4. Participation – no member shall participate in or receive any of the privileges or advantages of membership until the appropriate subscription has been paid.
  5. Lapsed Membership – members lapsing their membership for more than one month shall be deemed to have resigned. Any application for renewal of membership may be considered as a new membership or may be backdated at the discretion of the Committee.

3. Suspension & Expulsion – in the event that the conduct of any member is considered by no less than a simple majority of the Committee to be prejudicial to the interests of the Association or that there has been a significant breach of the BADA Code of Conduct by any member, that member may on not less than 14 days notice be called before the Committee and invited to explain such conduct or breach. In the event that such explanation is not considered to be satisfactory by a simple majority of the Committee then the said member may be cautioned, suspended, required to resign or expelled as the Committee in their absolute discretion may determine. Any such decision shall be notified in writing and shall be final.

4. Annual Subscriptions

  1. Rate – the membership subscription rate shall be as determined at an AGM.
  2. When payable – all subscriptions shall be payable in full on application, and annually thereafter at a time to be determined by the Committee. If membership is refused the subscription will be refunded.
  3. Conditions – a member on paying the appropriate subscription thereby agrees to be governed by any regulations of the Association for the time being in force and on that condition alone is enrolled to enjoy the advantages and privileges of membership of the

5. Airshow Roles – please select a Primary and a Secondary role from the following list – Air & Ground Ops/Support; Air Traffic Control/Air-Ground Communications Service; Commentator/Commentary Systems; Display Pilot or Team/Aircraft Owner; Display Authorisation Evaluator; Emergency Planning; Event Organiser; Flying Control Committee; Flying Display Director; Heath & Safety; Insurance; Legal; and Media.

6. Your personal details – your name and personal details will be used for BADA purposes only. Please see our privacy statement.

7. Payment – Payment will be collected via Debit Debit mandate. Payment Instructions will be sent after initial application to join the association.

8. Queries –  If you have queries about the registration process, please e-mail

Membership Application

If you wish to join BADA please fill out the contact form below.

BADA Membership Enquiry Form

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  • Your Membership Account Details

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Data Protection

  • From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that we need your consent to hold your details and to contact you. We will only contact you from time to time with newsletters and news updates relevant to the wider BADA Membership plus to notify you of BADA related events such as Conferences and Symposia. We will take all reasonable steps to keep your details safe and we will not pass your details on to any other organisation without your explicit consent. Your data is only kept by us while you remain an association member and for a period of 1 month after your membership lapses to provide you with a chance to renew your existing membership. All BADA Members are free to update their details stored with us at anytime. This can be done online via the Members Area of the website.