Each Year, the British Air Display Association recognises those who have made exceptional contributions or achievements within the airshow world. These are awarded at the BADA Annual General Meetings.

The BADA Trophy

Presented by Gallagher

The BADA Trophy is awarded to an individual or organisation that demonstrates the aims of the association ‘To encourage, promote and advance Safety and Standards in British Air Displays’

2023 - The Blades

The BADA Trophy went to the Blades, a team that set the highest standards for 17 years before its recent disbandment.

2022 - The Tiger Club and Pete Kynsey

The 2022 BADA Trophy goes to the Tiger Club and Pete Kynsey for their exceptional efforts to bring in and mentor new display pilots in the UK. 

2021 - IWM Duxford Showcase Days

In 2021, the BADA Trophy was awarded to IWM Duxford for the Showcase Displays and the training of fledgling FDDs and giving a platform for TYRO Displays.

2019 – Tiger Nine Team

In recognition for the team’s exceptional support, professionalism and commitment to the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 2018 mounting a memorable ‘100’ formation in testing conditions to open the RAF100 themed event. 

2018 - John Turner

Nominated by the BADA Committee for exceptional contribution to the airshow industry, particularly the Farnborough International Airshow and to the British Air Display Association.

2015 – George Bacon

In recognition for his outstanding professionalism, his calm actions, leadership and demeanor under duress, the BADA Trophy for 2015 is awarded to George Bacon.

2014 – The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows

In recognition of the professionalism displayed by all members of the Red Arrows over many years and in particular, the re-building of the team following the tragic non-airshow accidents of 2011.

2013 – Ian Sheeley

Nominated by the BADA Committee for exceptional contribution to the Royal International Air Tattoo, the Air Display Organisers Forum and Working Group and to the British Air Display Association as it’s founding Chairman.

2012 – Guy Westgate

Nominated by George Bacon for Guy’s contribution to the development of Night Air Displays which culminated in a spectacular flypast at the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Paralympics.

2011 – Barry Sargeant

Nominated by Peter Wells of the SWIP Team. Barry identified an engine fault with one of the SWIP Team’s aircraft as it taxied past him and promptly alerted Air Traffic. It was subsequently found that there was a serious fault with engine and Barry’s prompt action had prevented the possibility of a much more serious problem had the team got airborne.

The Miss Demeanour Trophy

Gifted by Jonathon Whaley for the year’s “unsung hero” – this can be an individual or organisation that ‘went the extra mile’ to deliver a display or event.

2023 - Team Raven

The recipient of the Miss Demeanour Trophy for 2023 was Team Raven, a very popular act in the UK and Europe for several seasons, but which went above and beyond in 2022.

2022 - Iain Campbell

Iain Campbell and Planes TV has done a huge amount since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to promote and serve the entire community at a time when there has been less actual display activity going on through the staging of live online events. 

2021 - John Romain

The Miss Demeanour Trophy was awarded to John Romain for the NHS Spitfire project and being an exceptional ambassador for the Air Display Industry

2019 - Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron

In recognition of the NAFHS’s exceptional support of the RAF100 celebrations at a wide range of UK airshows. 

2018 - Mike Cox

In recognition of his quick reaction and rescue of a Turbulent Display Team pilot who was forced to ditch his aircraft in the sea during the Herne Bay Airshow. 

2015 - Dr Robert Pleming and the Vulcan to the Sky Trust

Over the centuries, Britons’ have displayed a tenacity to achieve the audacious. Countless generations of Generals, Politicians, Engineers and Adventurers have made Britain both notable and Great. Our Aircraft designers fit equally into that mould, and amongst them, Roy Chadwick was a giant. For the current generations of Britons to have enjoyed, not just one example of his historic successes, fly in countless air displays across UK, but, in one very recent year to see 3 examples of his achievement in the air, was a moment to savour for the entire country.

It is even more poignant therefore, that we all witnessed, in the Autumn of 2015, the closing of another Chapter in the history of our country’s great aviation achievements. That anyone should even have considered such an audacious scheme however, to bring back from the seemingly dead, the most iconic of all Cold War bombers, was incomprehensible, if not deemed unachievable. Yet it happened, and is now gone from the sky again.

None, of what countless spectators enjoyed over the past few years however, would have been possible without that unique combination of dogged determination and stubbornness in leadership, and a team possessing unlimited passion, belief and energy. They didn’t just go an extra mile, to achieve what they did but, travelled thousands of miles in persuading almost every citizen across the globe to support their cause and our subsequent enjoyment. It was singularly a Tour de Force of immense proportions and, for that reason, it is BADA’s great pleasure to award the Miss Demeanour Trophy to Robert Pleming and the entire VTST team for their outstanding contribution to the British Air Display Community.

2014 – Richard Goodwin

In recognition of his untiring work to develop and extensively modify his Pitts S2S into the ‘Muscle Biplane’ with exhausting determination and at great personal expense

2013 – Peter Wells (Twister Aerobatics Team)

For “Going the Extra Mile” against all odds to complete display commitments at the Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Despite the team’s container being left behind at Felixstowe Docks and endless red tape challenges over importing the team’s Pyrotechnics for this displays at Al Ain, Peter Wells made sure he and his team made it to Al Ain for their displays.

2011 - Bournemouth Borough Council

For the professional and sensitive response of the entire Bournemouth Borough Council during the 2011 Air Festival which saw flash flooding in the town on the opening day and the tragic loss of Red Arrows pilot Flt Lt Jon Egging during the weekend.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Each year the British Air Display Association committee also mark the achievements of those who have played pivotal roles in the UK Air Display world during their lives.

2023 Awards
  • Trevor Graham
  • Alan Smith
  • David Cyster
2022 Awards
  • Audrey Huelin
  • Brian Smith
2021 Awards
  • John Davis
  • Dr Robert Pleming
2019 Award
  • Elly Sallingboe
  • Roger Bailey
2018 Awards
  • Vic Lockwood
  • Mike Marchant
2015 Award
  • Jeanne Frazer
2014 Award
  • Wing Commander Bill Hartree
2013 Award
  • Tim Prince OBE FRAeS
2012 Awards
  • Group Captain Geoff Brindle MSc FRAeS RAF (Ret’d)
  • Peter Eager and Don Bean MBE
2011 Awards
  • Brian Lewis
  • Ray Thilthorpe
  • Sqn Ldr Jock Maitland DFC MBE

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