What we do

Image via Bournemouth Air Festival

Image via Bournemouth Air Festival

To encourage, promote and advance Safety and Standards in British Air Displays’


  • Through a Code of Practice, promote safety and professional standards throughout the air display community.
  • To be the national representative association for all matters relating to the British Air Display community.
  • To encourage high standards of performance for Air Display organisers, Display Directors, Flying Control Committees and Participants.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information between members.
  • To provide an interface between the civilian and military regulatory authorities and members.
  • To provide a programme of training and mentoring for new members of the Air Display community.
  • To maintain a liaison with other UK aviation related associations and organisations.
  • To maintain a liaison with other international Air Display organisations.
  • To promote the Air Display community to the media and the public and provide a focal point for information, discussion and informed comment.
  • To be a focal point for expert advice on Air Display matters.
  • To provide subject matter experts on Air Display issues.
Image © Tom Gibbons

Image © Tom Gibbons