The BADA membership covers a wide range of roles with the UK Air Display Industry from Displays Pilots and Flying Display Directors to those that look after the vital Health and Safety aspects and legal cover for large scale events. It also includes many of the important support organisations as well as the media that help make the UK a leader amongst global air displays.

BADA Membership List

Corporate Members

Individual Members

Ben Hardy

Our services encompass assessment, definition, acquisition, allocation, direction, control, analysis of time, finance, people, products, services and other resources.

Adrian Bleese


Chris Murray

Chris served in the RAF for just under 35 years as a professional administrator. He retired as a Group Captain and during his career served on operational tours in Northern Ireland, the 1st Gulf War and in Sierra Leone. Chris retired from the Service to joint the RAFCTE initially as Deputy Director Ground Operations and then on promotion in 2009 to become the Operations Director.

Tom Gibbons


Norm Webster

Real Aeroplane Company

B-17 Preservation Ltd

Sally B

Barney Wainwright

FDD for flypasts and events eg. Armed Forces Day National Event (Plymouth, Nottingham, Stirling), Navy Days Portsmouth, Battle of the Atlantic Liverpool & London. Flybe Captain and Cdr in Royal Navy Reserve. Former RN helicopter pilot.

Barry Neal

BADA Committee Member. Flying Display Organiser, certificated FDD & FCC Member. Guernsey Air Display Organiser & FDD. FCC Member at Dawlish. Previously carried out oversight of military aircraft participation in civilian flying displays at Biggin Hill, Guernsey, Jersey, Shoreham, Southampton, Southport; Display Advisor for the 2000 Royal Military Tattoo, London, and 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Visit to the Armed Forces, Portsmouth. Previously FDD at Plymouth & Elvington; FCC at Guernsey, Kemble, Babbacombe. Aviation Safety Associates offers advice and guidance on a wide range of aviation safety issues - including Flying Display Safety & Risk Management.

Barry Tempest

Over 2,300 airshow performances since 1958 in a wide variety of light aeroplanes and gliders. FDD at numerous venues and a member of many FCC's

Andrew Davenport

Corporate Pilot

Cathy Wayman

I work as a volunteer at Shoreham Airshow every year as the Crew Liaison. Also on the B17 Sally B Groundcrew Team.

Rod Brooking

A display pilot with the Plane Sailing Catalina group.

Charles Skiera

The European Airshow Council acts the European voice of the wider European Airshow Industry. Striving to promote Excellence and Safety within the industry the EAC brings together Pilots, Organisers, Sponsors and Aviation Authorities from Europe, both from the Military and Civilian world. The EAC assists to shape European Regulation and provide guidance and support to all involved in the Airshow world, with links to ICAS and many large aviation bodies. Charles Skiera has worked in airshows for the last 15 years, with a backgorund in event management and organisation. Having spent 15 years working for the RAF Waddington International Airshow, looking after flying and static displays in terms of Booking, logistics, safety management and approvals as well as Regulatory compliance and Emergency Service Liaison. Charles has links to the Military and the Police and brings many different skill sets to the fore. Charles is available for FCC and FDD work at Tier 2.


not a company

Chris Burkett

UK and international aerobatic displays, either solo or as a team member for Twister Aerobatics and for the Global Stars. Daytime and twilight shows with spectacular pyrotechnics as pilot with the Twister Duo. Formation aerobatics worldwide with the Global Stars, flying the G-Force Extra 300S. Highly dynamic precision solo aerobatics, plus a unique double act with a 40% scale radio-controlled model Extra. See for photos and info.


Aviation Consultant.

Darren Dupre
Dave Walton

Co-Director of TSA Consulting Ltd, which provides a bespoke specialist air display management service to UK and international clients, focused on delivering all aspects of a professional flying display - from a flypast at a small one day local event or special occasion to the staging of major multi-display international programmes.

David Griffiths

Chelsfield Village Fair


Promoting charities through the medium of aviation

Paul Johnson

Flightline UK is a "web-zine" providing the latest UK airshow calendars, airshow previews and reviews as well as special features on all aspects of the UK and European air display industry. Flightline UK also produces bespoke websites for airshows, air display consultants and display acts as well as providing photographic services , either from our extensive digital library or specific photoshoots.

Gary Elson

ATCO for the Guernsey Air Display and also organises their ‘Meet the Pilots’ static event. Deputy ATCO Manager for the ATC at RIAT. Provides air traffic services for TSA Consulting at Eastbourne.

Geoff Brindle

A pilot in the RAF for a very long time I became interested in Airshows when flying solo aeros. Got involved with RIAT in the late 70's and have been a volunteer with them since as Flying Programme manager, then FCC, Chair of FCC and latterly Display Director. Being invited onto the FCC at Duxford, and also a number of Seaside shows has broadened my knowledge and interest in the Airshow scene. I have experience in running overseas Shows -Australia, Malta and the Middle East and so when we formed BADA I wanted to help develop the Industry to both help ensure a future for Airshows and give something back for all the fun I have had over the years.

Geoff Sheppard
Gerald Howarth

Display Authorised aerobatic paraglider pilot.

Ian Revell

Air Traffic Services Manager RIAT, Air Ground Operator TSA Consulting

Ian Sheeley

Co-Director of TSA Consulting Ltd, which provides a bespoke specialist air display management service to UK and international clients, focused on delivering all aspects of a professional flying display - from a flypast at a small one day local event or special occasion to the staging of major multi-display international programmes.

Evert Keijzer

Ironbird photography specialized air to air photography for airshow participants and organisations

John Davis
John Turner - 22 posts

John joined the Royal Air Force while completing an Honours Degree in Physics at the University of York. After an air defence tour flying the Phantom F4 with No 92 Squadron in Germany, he became a flight commander on No 4 Flying Training School RAF Valley during which he was awarded the 'Queens Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air' for safely landing a Hawk which suffered an engine failure just after a night takeoff. After attending Empire Test Pilots’ School at Boscombe Down in 1986 he was posted to the Royal Aerospace Establishment Farnborough where he commanded the Experimental Flying Squadron flying a wide range of aircraft including the Andover, BAC 1-11, Buccaneer, Comet, Jaguar, Hawk, Hunter and Varsity, on trials in support of the Establishment’s Research and Development programmes. These included helmet-mounted targeting, advanced air-ground weapon aiming and night vision low level techniques, including the first live weapon releases on night vision systems in Europe. In 1990 John left the RAF to join BAE SYSTEMS as an Experimental Test Pilot, first on the Tornado then in 1992 on the Eurofighter project. He became the first pilot ever to achieve 100 hours on Eurofighter/Typhoon and flew the aircraft at every phase of development until 2000. He displayed the Hawk at RAF Finningley, Avalon in Australia and Farnborough in 1992 and 1994, and the Eurofighter/Typhoon at Farnborough in 1996 and at Berlin and Farnborough in 1998. In 2000, John moved to the Nimrod MRA4 programme, becoming Chief Test Pilot (CTP) Nimrod & Strategic Aircraft in 2003. Between trials, John flew as an ATP and BAe146 Captain and displayed the BAE SYSTEMS heritage aircraft, a Blackburn B2, an Avro C19 (Anson) and a deHavilland Cirrus Moth, and other Shuttleworth Collection aircraft. On 1st January 2005 John was appointed BAE SYSTEMS’ Director Flight Operations, becoming responsible for the management of all UK flying operations and the governance of the world-wide flying activities conducted by or on behalf of all the parts of BAE SYSTEMS. John retired from BAE SYSTEMS in 2010 to establish his own consultancy providing independent specialist advice/assistance on aviation matters. As well as flying and displaying a broad range of aircraft, he has been a Flying Control Committee member at many UK airshows and involved in Farnborough International Airshow in one capacity or another in since 1988. In 2005, he was awarded the Honourable Company of Air Pilots' Derry & Richards Memorial Medal "for outstanding contribution to flight testing" and he is a Liveryman and their Director of Aviation Affairs. He became a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2007 and is a member of its Flight Test Group. He has been a member of the A|D|S Flight Operations Committee since 2003, is a Non-Executive Director of Farnborough International Ltd and Flying Display Director for the Farnborough International Airshow. He became Chairman of the British Air Display Association in February 2014.

Jonathon Whaley

Ex Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm pilot, Hunters, Sea Vixens & Phantom. Display pilot, WWI aircraft through to cold war Jets. Livery designer and owner of Hawker Hunter Mk58a "Miss Demeanour"

Jonathan Smith

Air Traffic Controller/FISO/A/G Operator


I am Airshow and Display Director of Finland's annual main airshow

Keith Baldwin

Board Director GASCo

Kevin Hale

Works for the MOD . Displays and operates Auster AOP6 TW536. Loves vintage aircraft and a current glider pilot. Enjoys photographing aircraft and gaining display experience. website

Kate Brown

Kate (Witoszkin) Brown is a long-time Air Display Event Professional. Abbotsford, BC Canada is her hometown where she progressed from summer intern through to Operations Manager and Co-Producer of The Abbotsford International Airshow (Canada's National Airshow) in 10 short years. She has augmented and broadened her knowledge-base by participating with many other shows (both military and civilian) across the US and Canada, in capacities of Admin (Finances and HR), Hospitality and VIP Handling, Military Team POC, Crew Hosting and Performer Logistics, Media and PR Liaising. Kate has maintained an active role in the North American Airshow Industry as a contributing resource and mentor via the Int'l Council of Airshows (ICAS) and its local regional affiliates, as well as more casual discussion groups with her colleagues. Having relocated to the UK in mid-2016, Kate is ready to participate in and learn the ropes of British Air Displays. She has completed a stint with RIAT on the Exhibition Setup side, and has participated in BADA Pre-season events (Symposium and FDD Training) this Spring. A specific interest is to broaden experience within the FCC realm, but she will apply her energies with equal enthusiasm wherever she can contribute. LINKEDIN PROFILE: Kate W. Brown

Peter McNamara

I trained as an RAF pilot and have been involved in commentating at airshows since 1981 as follows: Team Commentator for the Pitts powered Marlboro Aerobatic Team, in which capacity I also commentated at their displays at the F1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix at Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Donington Team Commentator for Team Toyota Aerobatics (same outfit - different sponsor!) - involved at airshows all over the UK (and the Channel Islands) Main commentator at the Biggin Hill Air Fair from late 80s until a few years ago Sole commentator at Airbourne Eastbourne from early 90s until a few years ago Sole commentator at the London City Airport airshow Sole commentator at "Trafalgar 200" in 2005 Sole commentator for the UK Red Bull Air Race (for their last show at Longleat, before the new format) Team Commentator for Will Curtis (Pitts Special and Su-26 under Team Alpine, Honda Dream Team and Team Road Angel colours) in the UK, at Al Ain in the UAE, and in Egypt (Sharm-el-Sheikh airshow) Sole commentator at the Sunderland International Airshow from early 90s to date Sole Commentator at the Clacton Air Show since 2013 Sole commentator at the "Old Hay Aviation Boogie" 2014 to date I have also done ad hoc commentaries over the years for special events for The (currently Breitling) Wingwalkers, The Blades, The Yakovlevs and for Mark Jeffries. I have given numerous media interviews- both for printed media and radio (I'm told I have a great face for radio!!) - and am used to dealing with the press ( I am "press trained" for my day job at IBM). I have had the misfortune of being on the PA during fatal crashes at Biggin Hill and Eastbourne airshows, so know what is required should the worst happen. I live in Tonbridge, Kent, and manage my own diary so weekday engagements are not an issue, given adequate notice.

Mike Stanway

Now independent Display Organizer/Display Director/FCC Member. Previously RAF POC for all Display issues. Currently DD @ Cosford, Herne Bay and AeroExpo. Chairman of FCC Jersey

Nigel Tonks

Herefordshire Aero Club based at Shobdon Airfield since 1964 and airfield operator since 1993. Since 2013, joint organisers with Shobdon village for the Shobdon Food and Flying Festival.

Oliver Suckling

Jet Provost XN637/G-BKOU

Peter Kuypers

B-17 Preservation Sally B the last remaining B-17 Flying Fortress in Europe

Rick Peacock-Edwards

Ex RAF Fast Jet Pilot on Lightning, Phantom, Tornado, Hunter, Gnat, Hawk. Former RAF Inspector of Flight Safety. Over 20 years of air display experience. Chairman GASCo, President HAA and Air Search UK. COO of In Command Ltd and Chairman of Anascena Ltd

Peter Davies

Gyro Air Displays:- The Display has been formulated to be Fun, Exciting, Exhilarating yet safe, something Different in the Air that always wows the crowds and puts a smile on there faces. Due to its low speed and low energy the Gyro Display is cleared to fly 50m from the Crowd line as low as 30ft In essence the Display is – Up Close and Personal The Pilot:- Has been flying for 36 years, and been flying Gyroplanes for 25 years. First issued a Gyroplane Display Authority (DA) in 1991. Peter became an Display Authority Evaluator (DAE) in 2012. He is a (FI)(FE)(FIC) and cleared for Formation lead/follow/tail-chase

Peter Sinclair

Former RAF ATCO and Airspace Manager with previous experience of organising displays at Military Units from the early 1970’s. Followed on to RAF “At Home” day’s at RAF St Athan, and latterly RAF Town Shows across Wales. Recently associated with developing Air Shows at Swansea, Rhyl, Welshpool and Llandudno. Most recently FDD and / or FCC for Llandudno, Rhyl, Welshpool, Blackpool, Ayr and Barton; additionally, Co-ord for Armed Forces Days in Wales.

Peter Teichman

Operation and restoration of World War 2 Allied Fighter planes, including the Spitfire, Hurricane, P51 Mustang , P40 Kittyhawk. Activities include Airshow displays in UK and Europe, film and TV work plus private and corporate functions.

Richard Goodwin

High Energy Muscle Biplane Aerobatics. Powerful and Dynamic Aerial Entertainment.

Robert Marshall

Rob Marshall formed Air Traffic Management Consultancy Services ( following a long career in ATC working at various airports throughout the British Isles. His career started at Gatwick in 1974 and included working at Manchester Airport as well as a period spent as Aerodrome Manager at Kirkwall and Wick Airports. In 1980 Rob moved to the Isle of Man where he worked as a Tower/Approach/Radar controller for 20 years before taking the SATCO post in 2001. Following retirement Rob has worked for the IOM CAA in a regulatory role before forming ATMCS. Airshow experience consists of involvement in displays in the Scottish Islands & Highlands and several locations in the Isle of Man including the past "Jurby Airshows" as well as extensive events supporting the Isle of Man TT Race Festival. Rob is currently the Flying Display Director for the Red Arrows display in the Isle of Man.

Rod Dean

Experienced display pilot and Flying Display Director.

Roger Steele

CAA accredited Flying Display Director (Tier 3), Flying Display Co-ordinator, Air/Ground Operator.

Rolf Meum

Norwegian Airforce Historical Squadron

Sam Whatmough

Air Display Pilot, FCC and FDD services

Sean Maffett

Airsound does air show and event commentary to broadcast standards.

Stephen Murray-Twinn

Army Historic Aircraft Flight. Sioux display pilot.


Vintage aviation, films, events.

Steve Le-Vien

Consultancy in aerodrome operations and air traffic management, together with organising, running and providing air traffic services to air displays and special events.

Sue Girdler

Flying training and aircraft hire

Terry Dann

Private Pilot/Owner, over 3000 hrs SEP vintage types. FDD Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome. DA on DH82A, Auster, Prentice.

Tim Prince

Having been a part of the team that staged the first Air Tattoo in 1971, in August 2014 I handed over the reins of this RAF Charitable Trust event and RAFCTE ( to a new chief executive, but continue in the air show business as an aviation and event consultant. I continue to maintain my links with the organisation through my role as a RIAT honorary vice patron. ( ) Additionally, as a founder member of the Flying Scholarships for Disabled People charitable organisation, I continue to support its highly worthwhile cause as a vice patron. (

Jamie Newson-Smith

Events Organiser

Iain Hutchison
Wout Peterse

Airshow Unlimited is providing FDD and ATC services to air display organisers.

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Display Pilot

George ( Ray) Hatton

NAL is a wholly owned subsidiary of FNHT and operates and displays the one remaining , flying, Sea vixen aircraft .

Kenneth Aarkvisla

Kenneth Aarkvisla, Airline captain Scandinavian Airlines. Display pilot D.H. Vampire and MiG-15. Director/ lead pilot Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron. Airshow organizer (event director, display director)

Clacton Airshow
Simon Ames

FDD at Biggin Hill Airport continuously from 1964 to 2010 - 47 years. Have also been FDD at Cranfield, Blackpool, Teesside. Humberside, Nottingham Tollerton over the same period. Currently Chairman of the Brooklands Museum Airfield and Flying Operations Committee, also FDD at former RAF Grove.

Peter Anderson

Mustang Aviation Pty Ltd (Peter Anderson) provides a variety of aviation related support roles including airshow commentary, event planning, media as well as its role in the supply or aircraft, aircraft parts and equipment for the aviation industry. In addition to the above, I provide a complete design service for the preparation of accurate camouflage and marking schemes for warbirds of any nation. Previous examples of my work have won international awards at events such as Sun N' Fun in the USA.

Tobias Ballard

Charity to raise funds for Valence Special School

Robert Barsby

GliderFX/ AeroSPARX CFI, DA, FDD Youth Aviation

David Beale

wner, builder, pilot of late production Percival Mew Gull and last airworthy Tipsy Belfair. Engineer by profession and in semi retirement (Chairman Innomech Automation Group) helping where can keeping aircraft flying. LAA inspector.

Paul Beaver

Beaver Westminster provides advice and consultancy to defence, aerospace and aviation. It is linked with the Boultbee Flight Academy and holds memberships in many organisations which are known to or affiliated to BADA. During his career in aviation, Paul Beaver has been managing editor of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft and other Jane’s products. He made a living from aviation photography, airshow commentary and TV reporting before working in Westminster as a parliamentary advisor. He has been a pilot for 40 years and displayed the Tiger Moth and an L3 Cub in the past. He helped the Yakovlevs start up and is now involved with heritage projects.

Roger Beazley

Flying Control Committee duties in support of up to 10 events per year as follows: Royal International Air Tattoo and RAFCTE Air Events since 1990 IWM Duxford since 2004 TSA Consulting since 2005 Ex display pilot (Phantom F4), Display Director Farnborough International for 12 years (1990-2002), consultant to Dubai International and Singapore International Airshows.

Phil Bennett


Jack Bintliff

Display Pilot at High G Advanced Flying Training, Blackpool.

James Black

1. The Antonov AN-2 Club, Owner and Director 2. Avia Special Ltd - aviation consultancy, esp. European general aviation regulations and safety issues, organisation of aviation events; member of EGAST (EASA's GA Safety Team); Board member of ECOGAS (European Council of GA Support) and EAC (European Airshow Council); development of EASA guidance leaflets for Air Display Pilots (just published) and Organisers (in preparation)

Peter Borchert

Display Pilot - Solo aerobatics and Formation both to Advanced level. Started Yakovelevs display team with Jez Hopkinson in 1999. Has displayed wide range of types including Tiger Moth, Harvard, Yak 50 and Pitts Special.

Eastbourne Borough Council
Jon Butts

Event Organiser: Daedalus D-Day 70th Airmen and Airborne Commemoration" Lee-on-Solent, June 2014. Daedalus 100 - A Celebration of 100 Years of Aviation and Air Engineering in Fareham and Gosport, Lee-on-Solent, July 2017 International D-Day 75th Airmen and Airborne Commemoration, Lee-on-Solent, June 2019

Andrew Chadwick

Managing Director of A&M Electrical Services (Pudsey) Ltd. DA920 Company Pilot flying the collection at Breighton Aerodrome. Displayed UK and Internationally in a Druine Condor D62B G-AYFC with Smoke!

William Clarke

Jumbo Events Ltd organisers of The Wirral Air Show 2016 taking place along the promenade area of New Brighton,Wallasey on the 6th & 7th August 2016

Siobhan Collis

Providing Media & Marketing, Operations and Flying Events support to Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome

John Dale

BC Arrow Ltd

Linda De Costa
Stijn de Graaff
William Dean
Daniel Denham

A display pilot with the Yakovlevs aerobatic team

Corinne Dennis

Pitts S-1S aerobatic display (Advanced). Aircraft built by pilot.

Bob Dixon

Bob is a UK Board Member of the European Airshow Council. whose mission is the promote safety and excellence in Airshows in Europe. Formerly the Executive Director from the formal foundation of the EAC in 2000 until 2014, Bob has organised the EAC Annual convention in Belgium: initially in Hasselt, then Brussels and Antwerp. He has provided consultant advice and practical management involvement in the organisation of airshows in the UK and abroad including Germany, Malta and New Zealand

Ben Dunnell

Ben Dunnell is an experienced airshow commentator and aviation journalist.

Wally Epton

Chairman Historic Aircraft Association Past Master Honourable Company of Air Pilots Display Pilot BBMF & other historic aircraft 1972-81

David Findon
Katherine Fisher

Worked alone at first airshow as Flying Display Director at Penarth on 16 July 2016

Gerry Forristal

Aerodrome Owner and Operator – Dunsfold Aerodrome (EGTD).

Jeanne Frazer

FRAZER FLYING EVENTS Flying Display Director since 1993, with experience of over 100 major 18-item displays. Responsible for majority of massed Spitfire formations in the UK since 1996 - including 17-ship at Duxford September 2015. MAJOR EVENTS - Shepway (Folkstone) Airshow 1990-2003; Southampton Salutes the Spitfire 1996; Sea Wings 2000; IIWM Duxford 2000 - 2015 inclusive. Management of display pilots/sponsored teams/WWII aircraft collections 1974-2000; Airshow & Event organisation 1976-2003; Display participant since 1976; Aircraft operator since 1982; Innovation & design of A5 Brief Booklet.

David Freestone

Having undertaken many years of voluntary work with the Air Training Corps and organising and supporting associated events, I found myself more and more involved in supporting the Royal Air Force's charitable work and grappling with CAP403, amongst many regs, in the context of organising flying events. I have also been active in providing PR support to RAF display teams including the Red Arrows, Typhoon, Tucano, Solo Hawk and Tutor display teams as well as working to raise funds for their chosen charities. I have now retired from the flying display world. But, for a short period of time, I will continue my role as a Chartered Transport Planner before fully retiring. However, I am still happy to provide advice to event organisers including recommendations for flying display items. I shall remain a member of the British Air Display Association, a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.

Justyn Gorman

The United Kingdoms best solo Extra 300 display pilot. Over 600 displays since 2002. The UK's most comprehensive Unlimited Display Authorisation holder with all categories endorsed for groups A&B to 3 feet AGL

Carolyn Grace

Air Leasing Ltd

Trevor Graham

For over 40 years, Hampshire Sound Services has provided Sound, Music and Public Address systems of exceptionally high quality for all types of aviation events. We also provide all levels and types of radio communication systems including ATC, AFISO, A/G Marine and Ground UHF and mobile VCR's. Through our associate company Slipstreamevents, we also provide Flying Directors, Flying control committees, Commentary teams, Radio operators and Air Traffic staff, event creation, creative production and technical management of aviation events of all types. Primary contact:

William Greenwood

UK and European Display Pilot, owner of Yak-3 and Bucker Bestmann aircraft, based in the South of England.

David Hall


Rob Hill

AeroSolve Limited - Event organisation, risk assessments, sky choreography, air operations, competitions and pylon racing for microlights.

Biggin Hill Airport

London Biggin Hill Airport stages the annual Biggin Hill Festival of Flight. It is a single day event in June with a 4 1/2 hour flying display with a capacity advance ticket only audience of 20,000.

Christopher Huckstep

Private UK aerospace and defence Company with worldwide interests, based at Cambridge Airport

Gerry Humphreys

Aerobatic Displays Ireland


The company is a safety consultancy, including safety risk profiling and assessment, training and audit.

Wilf Hyde-Smith

Gazelle display Team (4 x ex-military Gazelles) Royal Navy Gazelle HT2, SA341C, ZB647, G-CBSF Royal Marines Gazelle AH1, SA341B, ZA730, G-FUKM Army Gazelle AH1, SA341B, XZ321, G-CDNS Royal Air Force Gazelle HT3, SA341D, ZB627, G-CBSK Gazelle BCAR A8-20 E4/M5 Maintenance Organisation Gazelle approved Training Organisation.

Su Ingle

Media and Communication Training and Consultation Member of Honourable Company of Air Pilots

Alister Kay

Air Displays including 'The RV8tors' and P-51 'Ferocious Frankie'. The displays are fast paced and often include close formation aerobatics.

Dennis Kenyon

Commercial CAA approved display pilot (DA)and display evaluator (DAE) Rotary aircraft only. Ex-Royal Force fast jet and light bomber pilot. CAA approved flying instructor (FI) and (FE) rotary since 1976. Rotary licence CAA/JAR ATPL 206021C. 1500 public displays and display practices. Major air shows include ... Biggin Hill, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cosford, Duxford, Eastbourne, Farnborough, North Weald, Europe and USA. Represented Team GB in five World Helicopter Championship events. Total flying experience 19,200 hours. 34 rotary types flown plus 68 fixed wing. Fixed wing Commercial Pilot licence CAA/JAR 206021C, Past holder of CAA approved Air Operator's Certificates. (AOC) Aviation columnists and writer.

Siam Kidd
Nigel Lamb

Air Display and Air Race pilot flying Warbirds and high performance aerobatic aircraft. UK based since 1981

Bill Leary
Mark Lewis

RIAT Media Liaison Group Dawlish Airshow Abingdon Air & Country Show Throckmorton Airshow The Hangar.TV Rich Goodwin Airshows

Al Lockwood
Vic Lockwood
Stewart Luck

Flew with the Barnstormers Flying Circus displaying Tiger Moth, Chipmunk and other light aircraft including Girl on the Wing of the Tiger. Raced light aircraft in the National Air Races and Kings Cup. Raced F1 midget racers in UK & France at Air displays. Founder member of the Air Display Organisers and Participants Assoc' (forerunner of BADA) becoming the first Chairman of that Assoc. FDD for Exeter & Bournmouth displays late 80's/90's. as well as numerous other smaller events over the years. Has been a DAE (008) and DA (015) Flypast A.B categories since the inception of CAP403. Served on FCC at Portrush N.I. for many years and FDD for the last 5 years. Vice Chairman of Youth & Education support encouraging youngsters into aviation & aerospace activities.

Duncan MacDonald


Doug Maclean

In 3 years The Scottish International Airshow has grown to be Scotland's biggest outdoor event and one of the biggest seaside Airshows in the UK. In the 1st year (2014) attendance was approximately 60,000 over 2 days. 2nd year 120,000 people on the Saturday alone. 2016 saw 120,000 over 2 days and 2017 will be over 3 days

William Merry

I'm planning to display a Stampe ( G-OODE) this year, mainly as part of a 3-ship team along with Chris Jesson and Angus Buchanan

Roger Metcalfe

Sarium Ltd

Tim Miller

Training Captain. Virgin Atlantic. FDD Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival Meeting

Peter Munro-Lott

Qualified and experienced Air Display aviator, Display Director (RNAS Culdrose) and regulator.

Alan Murphy
Bob Oliver MBE

Aircraft owner, Display pilot and commentator

Bill Perrins

Private individual

Mark Petrie

NWMAS Ltd, aircraft maintenance, restoration and major repairs. CAP632 organisation.

Jason Phelan

Flight Operations Department of the Irish Aviation Authority regulates Air Displays in Ireland. The Irish Aviation Authority carries out a range of operational and regulatory functions and services on behalf of the State relating to the safety and technical aspects of civil aviation. The Authority ensures that Irish civil aviation operates to international and European safety standards and systems in accordance with international agreements.

Hugh Pierce

Rotary Wing Advisor

Richie Piper

Richard Piper grew up near to RAE Farnborough where he first became interested in aircraft watching Lightnings, Vulcans and Hunters display at the famous airshow.This interest resulted in first hang gliding, and then gliding before gaining his PPL whilst living in the USA (doing the Statue of Liberty flight for real!). On returning to the UK Richard continued his flying, with a growing interest in classic aircraft and aerobatics. As part of his love of radials he initially gained his CAA Display Authorisation on his Harvard, and also displays his Ryan PT-22 and T28 Fennec. Initially gaining his CAA Display Authorisation on his Harvard, Richard has now added the Ryan and T-28 to his airshow work and is also a member of the Great War Display Team. Richard is Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and a member of Historic Aircraft Association, British Air Display Association and The Tiger Club.

Adrian Plant
Bob Pooler

Display pilot. Aerobatic Instructor. Flight Examiner

Andy Preece
Peter Reoch

Peter is currently the Operations Manager at the RAF Cosford Air Show. He has a First Class Honours Degree in Aviation Management and for his final year dissertation completed a critical analysis on the state of the UK airshow industry. Peter is also a keen aviation photographer.

Lauren Richardson

Lauren is one of the UK's top female aerobatic solo pilots, flying shows in her stunning modified Pitts Special S1-S.

Stratton Richey

Air display commentator since 1976. Companion of the Riyal Aero Club of the United Kingdom Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots Captain British Airways

Mike Rivett

Fotomotion offers photographic services for aviation events. Airshows, Ground events, seminars and conferences etc..... In addition to this a large library of images for PR use. Also to assist with general jobs required by an event - Escort driver, chaperone etc........

John Romain

Vintage aircraft restoration & maintenance

Zaid S Meherali

An experienced, passionate, energetic and qualified photographer, working in military aviation and defence photography. Having worked with armed forces and agencies both here with the United Kingdom and overseas. Knowledgeable about military process and procedures and security cleared to the highest levels. Aware of the potential hazards of working in such environments and undaunted by working circumstances, facilities or arduous conditions.

Barry Sargeant
Tim Scorer

Tim Scorer, MRAeS, Consultant in the Aviation Team of Kennedys Law. Honorary Solicitor to BADA Contact address: 25, Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 5AD Tel: (mobile) 07860 557766. D/D 0207 667 9372

Paul Shakespeare

Role: Director Aviation Company: QinetiQ

Simon Shirley
Don Sigournay
Duncan Skeels

Display Organiser, FDD, A/G Radio, Airfield Management, Airfield Bird Control, Display Applications. 35 years airside experience! Air Traffic Control Unit Safety Manager. Member: GATCO, APRA (RAF)

Gary Slater
Richard Stanway

Aviation Training/Aircraft Management

Charles Sunter
Angie Sutton

Events Organiser who specialises in large outdoor events

David Taudevin
Ian Taylor

All aspects of Event Safety, Health & Safety, Emergency Planning and Emergency Management consultancy covering Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Event Management, Emergency Management and Emergency Response Plans for all sizes of events. Qualifications, and many years experience, in Emergency Planning, Spectator Safety Management, Control Room Operations and Tactical Incident Response.I have a background in the emergency services and local authorities and currently work in the NHS. I have a Diploma in Emergency Planning and also in Spectator Safety Management. Aviation experience ranges from large events such as Southend Air Show (10 yrs) ,RAFA Shoreham Air Show (19 yrs) and Victory Show (5 yrs) through to smaller events at Rougham, Lydd, Bentwaters and Tibbenham.

David Titherly

Gavin Turnbull

Self employed

Sander van der Hall
Mike Vancoevorden

We provide advice regarding event safety planning (outdoor events), including the preparation of event risk assessments, event management plans etc.

Nigel Vibert

Airside Operations.


Pitts Special Displays - solo displays standard level DA

Samantha Waller

Gnat Display Team

Rob Walley

Controlled Events provides a fully supportive approach to safe and successful event management, from pre-event planning and readiness exercising through to advanced communications (radios and resilient wifi), emergency service integration, event control provision, event delivery and debriefing.

Kevin Williams

No profile as such. Currently assist with FIA safety case through the provision of technical assurance. Looking to expand by providing a cost-effective solution to the Air Display community.

Nigel Willson Aerobatic displays for air shows, private and public events


Classic Jet Preservation Group

Phil Winterbottom
Mike Wood

R5 Air Displays - air display consultancy, flight instructor and examining

Chris Yates


Sharon Zhaohuachen Wang

UK Fly (Fu Lai) Aviation ltd. is a CAA approved training organisation specializing on pilot training. The company is based in three airports in the South of England in Rochester Airport, Bournemouth airport and Henstridge airport. Sharon is the managing director, also the only civilian aerobatic female pilot from China