Each year, the British Air Display Association, Civilian Aviation Authority and Military Aviation Authority organise various conferences for the UK Air Display Community. These bring together display pilots, flying display directors, flying control committees, event organisers and others essential to the delivery of air display events.

BADA Exhibition, Training and AGM (ETA) Day

2019 Venue and Date TBC

The day will include presentations and an exhibition to highlight BADA’s core purpose ‘To encourage, promote and advance Safety and Standards in British Air Displays’

Post-season Air Display Flying and Training symposium 2018

7th-8th November 2018, Defence Academy, Shrivenham

The primary aim of the symposium is to assure and promote air safety focused within the air display environment. It is an opportunity to discuss events and issues from the previous season in order to learn lessons for the future. To this end we would welcome the offer of presentations from military or civilian display participants, supervisors and organisers. It is co-hosted by the Military Aviation Authority, the Civilian Aviation Authority and supported by the British Air Display Association